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Note: The CropVue Imaging Download is available to anyone. However, once inside of the app there is a subscription key required for full access. You can obtain these keys and view our subscription plans on the products page.
Tutorial and Help Videos

Requirements & Rules for Ag Operation

Programming a Simple Mission

Pre Flight Safety Check

Charging Batteries

Understanding Your Transmitter & Flight Modes

Programming an Auto Mission
Q: How is Air Tractor able to sell this product for thousands of dollars less than the competition?
A: We design and manufacture the entire system in our Texas facility which allows for flexibility and efficiency. Most of our competition rely on separate companies to make the aircraft and sensors, and they put the system together.
Q: How long will the aircraft fly?
A: It is important to remember that environmental conditions (payload, wind conditions, elevation, temperature, humidity) can affect the performance of Yield Defender during any given flight. The HE Quad is designed for a 40 minute flight, and an Operator can typically cover 100 acres on each battery using our system. An operator should never break the FAA 400' ceiling regulation, but flying at higher elevation will cover more acres.
Q: What happens if the battery runs low during a mission?
A: The UAV is programmed to Return to Launch (RTL) when the battery reaches low voltage alarm. Thoughtful mission planning allows for enough time for the UAV to come home safely.
Q: What should I do if I am in manual mode and am losing control?
A: Switch to Auto mode and the aircraft will try to run the last stored mission. If it is in a different area an invisible fence (geofence) will force the aircraft to land.
Q: What overlap and side lap is recommended?
A: We recommend 15%.
Additional Operation Tips:
Fly entire mission with yaw (orientation) in the same direction, default is North. Cropvue does allow manual manipulation if the images are not all in the same orientation, but this is not the most efficient method for processing.
Better GPS accuracy provides more accurate results.